Family Law

Children Act 1989 – Child Arrangement Orders

Craig has a strong family practice in assisting clients in Children Act matters and frequently assists as a McKenzie Friend in private children cases involving safeguarding issues with allegations of physical, emotional, financial, and sexual abuse. He assists both Mothers and Fathers. In most cases he is hired to assist on various complex allegations of abuse. He is known for helping Litigants in Person represent themselves in Finding of Fact and Final hearings in matters involving complex legal and factual issues. Craig specialises in assisting clients within FHDRA and Directions hearings and is highly successful in finding a solution to resolving the dispute before it proceeds into further court proceedings.

Family Law Act 1996 – Non-Molestation & Occupation order

Craig specialises in assisting within Family Law Act applications such as non-molestations orders and occupation orders, including directions hearings, and contested final hearings, on behalf of both applicants and respondents. He prepares urgent applications such as injunctions/protective orders for clients and then attends Court to assist his client ensuring that clients are fully prepared when their application is presented. Equally, Craig also assists respondents at urgent return hearings to ensure that client’s do not have unnecessary orders placed against them.

International Child Arrangement Orders

Craig has also assisted in International Child Arrangement Orders assisting with contact orders being enforced overseas in countries like America, Canada, Dubai, and India. This is a complex area of the law and usually requires High Court proceedings. Careful planning is required in this area of law and given his background in both International and Human rights law, Craig is well equipped with the legal principles that apply to such cases in this niche area of law placing him at a unique advantage.

Divorce and Financial Remedy

Craig has a growing practise pertaining to all areas of divorce and financial remedy applications and assists both applicants and respondents in FDA (First Hearings), Financial Dispute Resolution hearings and Final Hearings. He gives realistic and practical advice from the outset but is not afraid to face a challenge. He has extensive experience of proceedings within the Family Court and High Court.

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