Tribunal Representation


The child maintenance tribunal is also known as the Social Security and Child Support Tribunal. The child maintenance tribunal will deal with appeals relating to a child maintenance decision within one month of getting the mandatory reconsideration decision. If you are unable to submit your appeal within the one month period then an explanation will be needed as to why an appeal was not made earlier.

A Child maintenance tribunal is usually the last place a parent would want to end up over financial support. Quite often a parent may not agree with a child maintenance decision which has been made. If you have a decision which has been made and you feel there may have been a mistake in reaching this decision by the Child Maintenance Service then you may be able to request for the decision to be reconsidered. This process is known as the mandatory reconsideration.

How to appeal to the child maintenance tribunal?


In order to make an appeal to the child maintenance tribunal you will need to complete the form SSCS2.

When completing the form you will need to confirm whether you want your appeal to go to a tribunal hearing to allow you to explain your case or whether you want your appeal to be heard on the form and based on supporting evidence you provide.

After submitting your appeal you will be able to provide your supporting evidence which will be considered by a judge who will then make a decision. The appeal process usually takes around 6 months for your appeal to be heard by the tribunal.  Whilst the child maintenance decision is reviewed, or during the appeal the original decision stays in force. This means the parent making the child maintenance payments will pay the amount stated and on the dates given until the issue is resolved.

How to prepare for a child maintenance tribunal?

Child maintenance tribunals are similar to other court processes which you may have been involved in, such as for child custody or contact. The matter is heard by a tribunal judge and a financially qualified panel may also be in attendance. The purpose of the tribunal is to consider whether the child maintenance decision made by the Child Maintenance service is correct. Any evidence which you have provided which may confirm that the Child Maintenance Service have made an error in calculating child maintenance payments will be considered together with the financial position of both parents.


Upon considering this information the judge will then make a decision as to whether the calculation by the Child Maintenance Service was correct. If the decision is deemed to be incorrect then a further calculation will be provided which will confirm the details of the payments to be made.

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